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The GTM Circle has a knack for fostering unexpected collaboration. I’ve met professionals from various industries and backgrounds, discovering new ideas and fresh perspectives that are a useful lens to apply to our own business today.

Leah Cohen-Shohet

Chief Business Officer


Series C

(L Catterton, Bessemer,
Imaginary Ventures)

If you’re a GTM leader looking to up your game, The GTM Circle is a must-join. The value you get from the community’s expertise and resources is immeasurable and the quality of discussions here are second to none

Basile Senesi

Chief Revenue Officer


Series A

(NFX, Left Lane, Bain,
Soma Capital)

The community is a well moderated active group of diverse GTM execs looking to solve real problems (vs. textbook high level thought exercises). We are all experimenting at growth companies, especially through fast changing macro-economic conditions.

Sean Hiss

VP GTM Operations


Series D

(Generation, NVIDIA,

I’ve attended multiple roundtables with The GTM Circle, covering topics from the PLG to enterprise transition, sales hiring best practices, and benchmarking. The actionable strategies, support, and collective wisdom here are unparalleled.

Colby Morgan

Head of Sales


Series A

Wing Ventures)

Being a part of The GTM Circle has been invaluable. As a leader in a Series A start-up with limited resources, connecting with industry leaders and leveraging one another's expertise has been a game-changer, inspiring innovative and alternative GTM solutions that we might not have discovered on our own or would have taken much longer to do so.

Lorraine Kraus

Head of Marketing


Series A

(Focal, Insight,
Acrew Capital)

Tapping into a circle of trusted, engaged peers for questions and feedback has proven invaluable in helping me to accelerate go-to-market for a fast-moving startup. This special community has been a wonderful resource to build connections, share expertise, and keep up-to-date on the latest tactics and tools. I’d recommend the GTM Circle for any commercial leader looking to learn a lot, move fast, and have fun.

Austin Ward

Head of Growth


Series B


The GTM circle has a great network of high caliber professionals and I've enjoyed being a part of their roundtables and have gained from hearing the different view points of other members who have tackled a similar problem that I'm dealing with.

Priya Bhatia

VP Customer Success


Series C

(Index, Felicis,
Menlo Ventures)

The GTM Circle connected us with amazing leaders at different startup growth stages, thanks to the expert facilitation and community building by the Focal VC Team. We’ve found an exceptional group always willing to help and share on any critical topic or challenge. A must join for GTM leaders!

Matt Swalley

Chief Business Officer



(Village Global, Ethos VC,
Hyphen Capital)

I would recommend the GTM Circle as it brings together stakeholders across all GTM functions to brainstorm and problem solve live how to navigate the latest tech company challenges. I've already benefitted from learning about new tools and processes to bring back to my organization

Ozzy Khan

Head of Customer Success


Series B

(Jump, NEA,
Owl Ventures)

virtual roundtables on top-of-mind topics

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