this community is for you if you:

  • lead a GTM function* at a venture backed Seed through Series D B2B startup in the US or Canada
  • are naturally curious and enjoy learning from and with others
  • also have a no a**holes policy šŸ˜‰

*includes: CRO, CMO, CCO, Head of Sales, RevOps, CS, etc

our values:

  • give first: we are generous with sharing insights with others in the GTM Circle, they are doing the same
  • humility &Ā kindness: we are humble and respectful in both our best and our worst moments
  • value perspectives: we value thoughts and opinions that differ from ours - understanding them makes us better
  • thoughtfulness of time: this community is here to learn from each other - we do not use it to sell or self-promote
  • confidentiality: we keep all conversations within The GTM Circle strictly confidential

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